Eat like you love yourself. move like you love yourself. speak like you love yourself. act like you love yourself.

love yourself. 

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Individual Services

Do you know what changes you need to make, but have trouble finding the motivation to get started or stick with them? Maybe you have a vision for your life, or know you need a change, but you don't know exactly how or what? Let me be your guide!  Together we will work to get you clear on what you want, why you want it, and how to get you there.  My individual programs are totally personalized and driven by your goals. The real work occurs outside of the sessions (your life!), so the results are really up to you. Are you ready to make your dreams a reality?

Reaching you, wherever you are

Book your free 30-minute initial session today! I provide my custom nutrition, health, and life coaching sessions to you whether you're in Ithaca, the North East, or all the way to the West Coast, from the convenience of your own home or office over the phone or via skype. Or if you prefer good ole human interaction and you're in the Ithaca or Finger Lakes region, we can meet in person at Ithaca-Trumansburg Acupuncture!

What you get

Each of my 1:1 program sessions are followed by a full set of notes to help keep you focused and growing. Additionally, each of my individual programs contain a variety of bonuses specific to your unique goals, such as:

  • books, recipes, cookbooks, handouts, food samples
  • web resources
  • special events like teleclasses, group seminars, grocery store tours, and/or pantry makeovers
  • invitation to bring guests to special events

Program Options

6-Month Grow Happy, Grow Healthy Intensive Program

My most recommended program for deep, lasting change.  We'll meet 2x/month for 45 - 50 minutes over the phone, via skype, or in person, and take incremental, sustainable steps to achieve your goals for your health and your life.  Each session, I'll provide continued support, guidance, and supportive accountability, and follow up with an email summary.  6 months is the perfect time period to experience success, and learn how to work through different experiences (hello, holidays!) and set-backs and without giving up and throwing in the towel. Don't be surprised if your goals shift over the course of this time period together - my clients often discover themselves making changes they didn't even know they needed! This program is not therapy (although some clients like to call it that), but don't be surprised if you find yourself uncovering ingrained layers of thoughts and behavioral patterns that have been holding you back.  

3-Month Grow Happy, Grow Healthy Program

Similar to the 6-month program, we'll meet 2/x month for 45-50 minutes virtually or in person, and follow up each session with an email summary.  The 3-Month program is great for people who want the same support of the 6-month program, but feel ready to transition to independence a little more quickly or want a shorter-term commitment.  Of course if you find at the end of the 3 months that you want to keep going, you can always turn your 3-month program into a 6-month!

1-Month Grow Happy, Grow Healthy Jump Start

This program is for you if you want short-term but frequent support to jump start your health, nutrition and life goals. We'll have one 45-50 minute session per week, followed by an email summary, for one month!  This is also great option if you have an event or upcoming life transition (job change, move, new or ending relationship, wedding - yours, or someone else's!) that you want nonjudgmental support navigating, and/or you just want to look and feel your best.

Per Session Basis

This is great if you just need a tune-up or have a specific question you want to work through! We'll work for 45-50 minutes and come up with a plan you can put into action right away.

3-Month Grow Happy, Grow Healthy Group Program

Enjoy the support and energy of a group of people working together on similar goals, while also enjoying my most cost-effective option! Group programs meet 2x/month. Refer a friend, and enjoy an extra discount.

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It's time to prioritize your self.

It's time to prioritize your self.

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