Educators: Reduce Burnout, Increase Health, Energy and Effectiveness

Prioritize self-care, show up more fully for your job and your life. From one teacher to another.

Whether you’re a teacher or an administrator, there are people pulling you in a million directions and there is always more to do. Who has time to go to the bathroom, let alone prioritize your needs? That’s what I’m here to shift.  I’m here to be the voice for an end to education as a self-sacrificing profession; to show you that when you slow down and make your self-care a priority, you will show up more fully for your job and your life. You deserve to be inspired, energized, and happy.  Continual self-sacrifice only ends in burnout and teacher turnover.  Our students don’t need burned out educators; they need teachers, administrators, and leaders who are filled with passion and energy and love.  Doesn’t that sound like a more inspiring place to grow minds and hearts, and a more inspiring way to live?

 I custom design responsive wellness talks and workshops with an impact. Potential topics include:

  • Radical Self-Care
  • Blast Stress for a Calm, Clear Mind and Healthy Body
  • Eating for Energy
  • Restorative Sleep for Maximum Effectiveness
  • Sugar Blues

 Additionally, I offer school wellness evaluations and recommendations.


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