Mantra for hope, and when things don't go your way.

Here's a short and sweet little post for you. (And to bring me back from my writing hiatus). 

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This, or something better.  

That's my mantra these days. And I really like it.  Mantras may seem cheesy, but sometimes you need something, and I find more and more that your outlook really does shape your experience. 

Oh, and this Yogi tea mantra too. Patience pays. (And is SO hard).

Oh, and this Yogi tea mantra too. Patience pays. (And is SO hard).

Whether it's searing heartbreak, job rejection, a fizzled music project, or that pair of jeans you passed on that you're still thinking about (ahem, yes I'm speaking from my own experience this past year in all cases) - the unfulfilled promise of something new or the discomfort of losing something familiar - this, or something better.  It's true. It's hard to see through the fog of disappointment in the moment,  but as I reflect back on various disappointments in my life,  the outcome has always turned out to be in my best interest.  

It's all too easy to get caught up trying to control an outcome or get stuck on that thing we wanted that didn't go our way. When we're in that grip of control or self-pity (wallow for a minute if you must, but move on!), we lose touch with the natural flow of things and the joy of the moment. We don't know what's on the other side of the mountain, or on the other side of today.  But, this, or something better. 

Try it for a day. A week. A month. See what happens. What have you got to lose?  

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