A Surefire Strategy for Dealing with Stress

Feeling stressed? I was feeling a little blah and uninspired the other day, but also really needed to do some creative brainstorming; not a good match. And then I felt stressed about not getting my work done! So here's what I did - are you ready? 

I went for a walk in the woods. 

Nature.  Yep, go sit, walk, meditate, __________, outside. In nature.

Yes, there were all kinds of "logical" voices telling me, "You have too much to do to go for a walk." But a wiser part of me knows that those voices are total BS,  so I ignored them and strapped on my sneakers and headed over here.

                    Beautiful Buttermilk Falls 

                    Beautiful Buttermilk Falls 

Depending on where you live, it may be more or less easy to get out into nature, and your version of nature may look vastly different; but whether it's a walk through the woods and picturesque waterfalls, or sitting on a bench under a tree in your city park, studies prove time in nature reduces stress - like this or this study which show that nature improves affect and cognition .

See? Not so stressed anymore ;)

See? Not so stressed anymore ;)

As for me, I walked for a bit, and then sat for a while on a ledge by a small waterfall. Sit, relax, breathe, enjoy. That was my plan.  And you know what? My mind-on-nature wound up getting to those creative places without even trying.  I brainstormed several ideas for my new workshop proposal and felt refreshed and inspired by the time I decided to head back. After? I made asparagus soup (which I'd been putting off), and drafted this blog post.  I'm pretty sure most of that wouldn't have happened - certainly not from a relaxed, enjoyable place - if I hadn't gone for my walk in the woods.  

Time in nature.  Do it.  If your "logical" voices start telling you you don't have time, remember this blog post.  As always, share your thoughts in the comments.