New Year Pressure?

First let me say this - HOLY SHIT IT’S 2019. (Anyone else?!..Ok, now that I have that out of the way):

Feeling the pressure of a new year? Maybe the disappointment of another year gone by, and somewhere along the way you lost sight of all those shiny 2018 goals? NEW YEAR NEW YOU?!

Yeah. I’ve been reading people’s posts about goals and resolutions and “ARE YOU READY”s - I even posted about it myself once , and I stand by that advice and those strategies, but something in me has shifted and right now all of that JUST MAKES ME FEEL STRESS AND PRESSURE. So here is what I propose instead, and what I came into myself in the homestretch of 2018:

F*ck the pressure to be better, create a new you, or achieve some lofty goal. Let go of comparision and expectations.

If no one else mattered, no one was looking over your shoulder, no voices whispering inside your head -

How do you want to FEEL?

And if you have a big goal, alright sister! How does that goal feel? Can you feel it and picture it without the pressure?

For me -

Joy and Ease

For so long, my way of being in the world has been to accomplish or create through control and stress. (You too?! No way ;) But at some point in the last few months of 2018, I just got tired of this. Control makes us feel safe, but it doesn’t really work and it sure as hell doesn’t feel good. And so I started to play a little experiment with myself and see what would happen if I just allowed myself to feel at ease, make decisions based on what would feel good and fill me with joy, and then trust that everything is gonna be alright. (I also put in a LOT of time behind the scenes in 2018 meditating and studying energy work with David Gandelman of, and David and Cody Edner of .)

So - What do you want to feel? Joy and ease? Maybe passion? Excitement? Pleasure? Love?

Not what do you think you should want, but what do you really want?

Feel yourself step into that vibration and energy.

Allow yourself to feel good. Without guilt and shoulds. Maybe this is such a big change from your normal way of being that it’s a fleeting feeling, but practice it repeatedly and bit by bit it starts to become more of you and your relationship with the world.

Make decisions based on what draws you closer to that feeling.

(And no, not in the “Ima eat a whole box of donuts because it would bring me joy” kind of way, because that eventually leads to feeling kind of nausesous, and maybe some regret and negative feelings about yourself) but for decisions small and big - what is the path to ________. I do this all the time now. Silly things like - should I do my grocery shopping now or tomorrow? Because I can get so stuck on “this is how I planned my day out” (or you know, planned my life out) that forcing those little things can turn into a whole lot of chronic stress. So - what would bring be ease and joy?

And then, watch what happens.

Joy and Ease

If I catch myself starting to do something from a place of stress, pressure, or fear/anxiety, I take a break. And I don’t go back to it until I’ve changed up my energy. Laughing at yourself helps too.

Joy and Ease

If this speaks to you, if you’re acheing to reconnect , mind, body, spirit, and learn to be your own guide, I have room for 5 clients the start of 2019. Email me at or message me on FB or IG to set up a free discovery call and come home to yourself.

Grow Happy, Grow Healthy