Hydrating Foods to Help Beat the Heat

I was down south in low country a few weeks ago, and we've got some Charleston heat and humidity going on here, it's steamy!  When I picked up my CSA (community supported agriculture - or a farm share if you're not familiar) yesterday, it got me thinking of all the amazing seasonal summer foods that are designed to help us beat the heat. 

Seasonal eating just...makes...sense. Nature gives us the appropriate foods to eat, in the appropriate location, at the appropriate time. As a middle-class person living in the US, having access to pretty much every food imaginable (yay Wegmans ;) it's so easy to forget this.

 Hot weather is the time to go raw, and eat lots of watery vegetables and fruits. Check out my video below on naturally hydrating foods to keep you feeling great and beat the heat! ( And I forgot to mention cucumbers! Eat some cucumbers! )

As always, tell me your thoughts in the comments below. Or tell me what you'd add to the list! 

Grow Happy, Grow Healthy