I have known Andrea Rennie for 8 years, in her role as a teacher, teacher on special assignment for elementary ELA, instructional coach, and as a wellness coach. Andrea Rennie is a truly exceptional educator. She is beyond talented with children and her ability to facilitate meaningful and lasting change with adults is unparalleled. As a facilitator with and for teachers, Andrea shines... She uses adult learning theory to design professional development that allows teachers to do the “heavy lifting” and reach those “ah-ha” moments themselves... Through targeted questions that get at the nuances of her client’s goals, she’s able to get to the heart of what matters and design a plan from there. She has a strong ability to truly listen and create a genuine sense of non-judgement...She is a knowledgeable and talented coach.
— Lily Talcott, Principal, Northeast Elementary
Andrea is a calm, encouraging and positive influence in my life. The fact that we talk every two weeks is a daily reminder in my head to keep going with the goals we have set between her and myself. She has made me realize that I need to listen to my body and experiment with what works for me and not be afraid if I have a set back. I am very happy I chose Andrea to work with because I couldn’t have found a better person to help me!
— Susan Shepard, Rochester, NY
health coach, life coach, stress coach, and educational wellness consultant specializing in educator wellness and stress reduction in ithaca, the finger lakes, central, and western NY, and providing remote services across the country
Andrea is compassionate, informative, and supportive helping me be realistic about how to juggle multiple life stressors and challenges. I am making better nutritional choices and not succumbing to stress eating as often. I would recommend Andrea to busy professionals who are trying to reduce their stress and prioritize self-care.

— Christine Brouwer-Hinman, Ithaca, NY