andrea rennie: health coach + life coach, teacher + instructional coach, wellness consultant, nutrition expert

Andrea Rennie: Health coach, life coach, nutrition and adrenal fatigue expert and wellness consultant, helpig busy women beat stress and fatigue, lose weight, clear up their skin, and achieve their goals to live happy.

Hi, I’m Andrea Rennie, the Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in Ithaca, NY behind GROW.  How would you like to to wake up excited for the day and not only look good but feel really good?  All by eating real, delicious food and taking exquisite care of yourself.  As a health coach, life coach, and stress coach, that’s what I guide you to do.   I help amazing, busy people manage stress, increase their energy, beat brain fog, calm cravings, lose weight, look vibrant, and create a life they love.  GROW is not a quick-fix, it's a lifestyle. I take a holistic approach to health and wellness  that combines whole-foods nutrition with a focus on self-care, and guide you to truly revitalize your life.

My Approach: Grow Happy, Grow Healthy

Forget the idea that in order to be healthy, happy, and love your body you have to deprive yourself, count calories, or put in grueling hours at the gym doing workouts you hate.  I totally love food, it’s one of my favorite things in this world and is meant to be enjoyed.  I believe food should taste good, movement should make you feel good, and life should be good. Loving yourself is at the center of my approach.  When you approach your wellness and life from a place of love, it suddenly becomes easier to make choices that support your goals, whether they’re weight loss, having more energy for your kids, sleeping better, clearing up your skin, or clearing up your life!  This doesn’t look the same for everyone, and it shouldn’t - we’re all different people with different bodies, minds, lifestyles and needs. Taking care of yourself is the gateway to creating the life of your dreams. Think you can’t find the time to eat cook, meditate, sleep, or find balance in your career or relationships? Think again. It might not happen overnight, but one small step at a time you can make your dreams your reality. When you feel great and take radical care of yourself, you have the energy and confidence to drive your life, and show up more fully for everyone else.  Who knew slowing down and putting yourself first was the answer?  Read about my health, stress, and life coaching programs. Ready to GROW?

My Training

I received formal training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (New York, NY), with top nutrition experts Dr. Frank Lipman, Dr. Andrew Weil, Joshua Rosenthal, Dr. David Katz, Walter Willet, MD, DrPH, and mindfulness leaders Deepak Chopra and Gabrielle Bernstein. I'm not a nutritionist or registered dietitician, and that's ok. Learning how to eat and live healthy doesn't require counting carbs, fats, and protein.  IIN's philosophy is that there is no one correct or ideal diet, and that our unique bodies and lives are fueled by not only the foods we eat, but also the way we live - our relationships, careers, etc. Getting in touch with your body and listening to the messages it sends you about your food and lifestyle is a beautiful and dynamic process.    Want to learn more, or maybe you're interested in becoming a health coach yourself? Sample an Integrative Nutrition class, and learn about the curriculum!


Educators, I have a passion for supporting you! I was a teacher and instructional coach for the last ten years.  I know the unique stressors you face.  Whether you’re a teacher or an administrator, there are people pulling you in a million directions and there is always more to do. It’s tough feeling like you’re never enough. Who has time to go to the bathroom, let alone prioritize your needs? That’s what I’m here to shift.  I’m here to be the voice for an end to education as a self-sacrificing profession. I’m here to show you that when you slow down and make your self-care a priority, you will show up more fully for your job. You deserve to be inspired, energized, and happy.  Self-sacrifice only ends in burnout and teacher turnover.  Our students don’t need burned out educators; they need teachers, administrators, and leaders who are filled with passion and energy and love.  Doesn’t that sound like a more inspiring place to grow minds and hearts, and a more inspiring way to live? Teachers, sign up today for a consultation or join the waiting list for my next group program.

My Story

I know sometimes we get in a rut; I was in one a long time. I experienced a sudden and very shocking death in my family, had a stressful job (hello,  teacher!) without having healthy tools to deal with the stress, and was anxious and stuck.  At any given time, I had any of the following: acne, bouts of fatigue and brain fog (often so bad in the afternoon I could barely concentrate and sometimes I was literally worried I’d faint), mood swings, panic attacks, and blood sugar swings that often ruled my life.  I sometimes didn’t feel great about my body, and my hairline was even receding! I wondered where my vitality and confidence had gone, and if I would be able to get it back.  I hid a lot of this because I felt the need to look like I had it all together.  Deep down I knew the answer to healing and a better life lay within myself.  I now know a lot of this was due to adrenal fatigue. Through researching and experimenting with my diet, I started to feel better. I figured out which foods work for my body, and which supplements support my energy and healing.  I discovered yoga and meditation and traditional Chinese medicine. I stopped caring so much about pleasing other people, and worked on being happy with myself. With my renewed energy and confidence, I felt empowered to make more changes and take risks  in my life.  Which leads me to where I am today - feeling and looking better than I have in a decade, and on a mission to help others do the same. Grow happy, grow healthy.